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Welcome to Kremer Pigments Inc!

Kremer Pigments offers Raw Materials for Art & Conservation, historic and modern pigments, mediums, binders, dyes, vegetable color paints, oils, brushes, tools, linen, books and many more.
Take a trip through our colored pages and explore the forgotten treasures of the old masters.

“The purity of color truly resonates when the traditional qualities and integrity of a pigment are considered as they relate to other materials in a composition.”
(Dr. Kremer)

Welcome fellow artists!

We always look forward to talking pigments and would be glad to take your order over the phone if you prefer.
Colorful regards,
Your Team from Kremer Pigments Inc.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops @ Kremer Pigments

247 West 29th Street New York, NY 10001

between 7th and 8th Ave

Make Your Own WATERCOLOR: Rare Earths, Minerals & Historic Pigments
Saturday, Nov. 17th, 11-3pm $180

Crash Course, Part II: Water-based Paints
Saturday, Dec. 1st, 11-1pm $15

Crash Course, Part I:
Grounds, Gesso & Pigment Classification
Saturday, Dec. 15th 11-1pm, $15

Make Your Own WATERCOLOR: Classic
Saturday, Dec. 15th, 3-7 pm $140

Crash Course Part III: Oil-Based Paints, Mediums & Varnishes
Saturday, Dec. 22nd, 11-1pm $15


NEW* Set: Ultramarines (#14260)

35 pigments in 10 ml glasses, in a wooden box

Until the beginning of the 19th century, Ultramarine Blue was a prized luxury product due to its extensive production process from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli and obtained according to old recipes. Even today, the natural pigment ultramarine („azzurum ultramarinum“ = „blue from across the seas“) is as precious as gold.

NEW* Masterpiece: Raw Stretched Canvas

Monet Pro Stretched (unprimed) Canvas

100% Cotton; Heavyweight, 11.5 oz raw weight, unprimed; Canvas Depth: 1-1/2"; Solid Pine or Fir Stretcher Bars from the sustainable forests of the Pacific Northwest. No finger joints are allowed, which tend to fail under pressure and over time. Precision machined tongue-and-groove corners allow you to increase the canvas tension. Cross Brace Included. Bars are slotted in the center to accept cross braces. Canvas 16" x 20" and larger is cross-braced for additional strength and tension in the canvas and on the frame. Patent Pending Keyable Cross Braces allow you to add tension to the middle of the canvas, where it s needed the most. Both corner keys and brace keys are pre-installed. Stretched using our MuseumWrap method yielding a balanced tension across the surface of the canvas, and a drum-tight stretch that is up to 50% tighter than other methods. Folded corners mean a canvas that is uncut and perfectly intact, allowing the canvas to be removed from the frame and re-stretched. Staple-free edges are perfect for frameless presentation, and folded corners with an uncut selvage allow for re-stretching if desired. We can ship any stretched canvas measuring up to 40" on any side. Pick up in-store for larger sizes. This product requires additional shipping costs. We will contact you with a shipping quote when ordering this product.


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