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Kremer Pigments in New York

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

@ Kremer Pigments

247 West 29th Street New York, NY 10001 
between 7th and 8th Ave

Phone (212) 219-2394
Fax (212) 219-2395
Email: info@kremerpigments.com

How to find us

Make Your Own Oil Paints!

Saturday, April 1st, 10am-2pm – $100

You will make 8 x 30ml tubes of oil paint. To really understand how to make the best oil paint, you must first understand the characteristics of each ingredient that is used. Choose from a variety of pigments and oils with distinctive personalities. There will be options for additives that adjust the properties of your paint: chalk to add body, cold wax paste to reduce stringiness, aluminum stearate and tixogel to make paint jelly-like, and sepiolite to prevent oil separation.

Please call or email to sign up. Limit of 20 participants.

Make Your Own Watercolors (Classic)

Wednesday, April 12th – 2-6pm - $120

Learn how to transform pure pigments and gum arabic into highly-saturated watercolor paints. The ratio of gum arabic to pigment will be emphasized. Participants make a 14-color full pan set! The “Classic” version offers a selection of 25-30 pigments to choose from.

Please call or email to sign up. Limit of 20 participants.

Make Your Own Gesso


1 Liter each: Rabbit Skin Glue gesso, Acrylic gesso and Absorbent Ground (PVA / cellulose fomula).

Crash Courses

Crash Course is an in-depth lecture where you have the opportunity to ask both complex and simple questions. The cost of this workshop is $10. You will receive a $10 credit on purchases made on day of the Crash CourseCrash Course fee is non-refundable.

Call us right away to sign up for any of these workshops as they are very popular and will fill up quickly!

Crash Course #2: Water-Based Paints

Wednesday, March 29th – 10am-12pm - $10

Open up a world of paint possibilities by learning how to make your own paint. This class is more than acrylic paint. We’ll demonstrate that and several other water-based binders including: gum arabic watercolor, DIY acrylic mediums, PVA, cellulose, egg tempera, and Aquazol water-soluble wax. Additives for water-based paints will also be introduced: ox gall, defoamer, thickeners, and retarders. Learn how to bend rules and push boundaries with your materials without sacrificing quality. Having trouble with a water-based paint? Bring on the technical questions.