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Kremer Pigments in New York

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

@ Kremer Pigments

247 West 29th Street New York, NY 10001
between 7th and 8th Ave

Phone (212) 219-2394, Fax (212) 219-2395
Email: info@kremerpigments.com

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2 hours, $10 ($10 off purchases on the day of the class)

We started the Crash Course Series as a way to introduce our diverse products to people that want to work with raw materials. Each Crash Course segment focuses on a particular type of paint and they can be taken in any order. We demonstrate basic methods step-by-step, discuss recipes and ratios, and empower paint-makers of all abilities. Not unlike cooking, making paint is a "simple" technique that gets refined with practice. Bring your notebook, camera, and all your technical questions!


4 hours, $100-180 (Descriptions and fees on reverse)

Make your own paint in a fun, supportive environment. Each class begins with a demo explaining the materials and process. Go home with ready-to-use paint handmade by YOU.
Small class size of 12 participants means you won't feel lost in the crowd. Make paint for yourself, or as a gift for someone else! It might evenen make you a better cook. All materials are provided though you may wish to bring an apron or dust mask. Wear "studio" clothes and shoes that can get dirty.

All classes and workshops take place at our store. Sign up in person or by phone/email.

We cannot reserve unpaid spaces in our classes. Paid classes are eligible for store credit if not attended.

Due to high demand, we do not offer refunds on paid classes.

Wednesday, July 26th, 5-9pm

“Rare Earths, Minerals, and Historic Pigments”


The “Rare Earths and Minerals” version offers a selection of Historic and Kremer-Made pigments. This selection includes pigments like Lapis Lazuli, Cote D’Azur Violet, Peach Black, Pinkcolor, Gold Ochre from Saxony, and Red Ochre from Andalusia. Watercolor paint preserves the individual traits of these very special pigments. See and feel the difference between a delicate sparkling Malachite and a smooth and fine Green Earth. Participants will choose their favorites and make a 14-color full pan set! Includes a metal palette that doubles as a carrying case.

Saturday, August 12th, 10am-2pm

“Pearl Luster & Fluorescent Pigments”


We had so many people interested in these two pigment types, that we’re devoting a whole class to them. Everything bright and sparkly, all in one place! These unique pigments can be applied in either bold or subtle ways, whether they are used on their own or combined with other paints. You will choose your own combination of Pearl Luster and Fluorescent pigments to make a customized high-intensity palette. Each participant will make 14 full pans. Includes a metal palette that doubles as a carrying case.

Wednesday, August 16th, 4-8pm

“Watercolor in Tubes”


Learn how to transform pure pigments into highly-saturated tubed watercolor paints. This class offers a selection of 20-25 pigments that vary in characteristics- gritty, fine, opaque, transparent, earth, synthetic, pearlescent, etc. We will discuss additives and alternative ingredients that create the ideal consistency for tubed paints. Participants will make 12 x 8ml tubes!

Wednesday, August 30th, 5-9pm

“Pigments From Nature”


The “Pigments From Nature” version offers a selection of pigments that all come from diverse natural sources. This includes lake pigments pigments like Cochineal (Carmine), Sap Green, and Madder Lake. Other natural pigments offered will include Indigo, Lapis Lazuli, Bister, Mica, and some very special earthcolors.  Watercolor paint preserves the individual traits of these pigments. Participants will make a 14-color full pan set! Includes a metal palette that doubles as a carrying case.