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Kremer Pigments in New York

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

@ Kremer Pigments

247 West 29th Street New York, NY 10001 
between 7th and 8th Ave

Phone (212) 219-2394
Fax (212) 219-2395
Email: info@kremerpigments.com

How to find us

NEW! Make Your Own Watercolors: Rare Earths, Minerals, Historic Pigments

Saturday, December 10 – 10am-2pm - $180

Please call or email to sign up. Limit of 20 participants.

Hands-On Oil Paint

Wednesday, January 18, 4-8pm – $100

Making oil paint is as easy as making scrambled eggs - make a mound of pigment, form a well, add some oil and fold in. But to really understand how to make the best oil paint tube, one that will not run and ooze out the oil, understanding the varying characteristics of each pigment - then you must take this class. 

Drying oil properties and possible additives will be explained. How do I make oil paint dry as fast as acrylic? Why is Ultramarine blue stringy? What are water-soluble oil paints? Come with easy or complex questions. We look forward to the discussion!

Participants will leave with eight, 30ml tubes of paint. We chose pigments with a variety of characteristics, some more difficult than others - but always with distinctive personalities.

Please call or email to sign up. Limit of 20 participants.

Make Your Own Gesso

Saturday, January 28, 10am-2pm – $120

Please call or email to sign up. Limit of 20 participants.

Watercolor Workshop

Wednesday, February 1 – 4-8pm - $120

Learn how to make your own watercolor sets! Participants will take home a 14 full pan watercolor set. The pigments you will work with all vary in characteristics, from opaque to translucent, high-tinting, to more shy pigments, some coarse, others extremely fine - even fluorescent pigments will steal the spotlight. Find out tips and tricks to learn how to make any color, even if you do not yet know their properties. This is a great class to learn how to make one of the more difficult paints. Most participants attend this class to make a watercolor set for a gift!

Please call or email to sign up. Limit of 20 participants.

Crash Courses

Crash Course is an in-depth lecture where you have the opportunity to ask both complex and simple questions. The cost of this workshop is $10. You will receive a $10 credit on purchases made on day of the Crash CourseCrash Course fee is non-refundable.

Demos + Q & A - 10am-12pm -  $10 ($10 off same-day purchase)
Call us right away to sign up for any of these workshops as they are very popular and will fill up quickly!

Crash Course #3: Oil-Based Paints, Mediums & Varnishes

Saturday, December 17 – 10am-12pm - $10

Crash Course #1: Pigments Classification, Grounds/Gessos

Saturday, January 21 – 10am-12pm - $10