Alabaster White, pieces

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No. : 11840:
Alabaster White, pieces

natural transparent alabaster from Morocco

1 kg (bag)

No. : 11840:.13010:.140:,   19.00 USD
19.00 USD per kg   excl. shipping costs  

10 kg (bag)

No. : 11840:.13100:.148:,   140.00 USD
14.00 USD per kg   excl. shipping costs  

25 kg (bag)

No. : 11840:.13250:.152:,   306.00 USD
12.24 USD per kg   excl. shipping costs  

Chemical description:Calciumsulfat
Color: white
Lightfastness:Concentrated: 8, Medium: 8, Thinned: 8 (1 is poor, 8 is best).

WARNING: Exercise care when using dry pigments. Do not eat, drink or smoke. Avoid breathing dust. Use a NIOSH-certified dust respirator. Wash hands immediately after use. If creation of dust is likely, wear protective clothing.

Keep out of reach of children.

No ACMI Certification Seals available.