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Use 25 ml for every liter of acrylic dispersion.

No. : 78100:

reduces the minimum required temperature for acrylic drying by about the half

Texanol is a Trademark of Eastman Chemical Company.

250 ml (PE-bottle)

No. : 78100:.20250:.156:,   10.00 USD
40.00 USD per l   excl. shipping costs  

1 l (PE-bottle)

No. : 78100:.21100:.160:,   39.00 USD
39.00 USD per l   excl. shipping costs  

Chemical description:Isobutyric acid, 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane-1,3-diol-monoisobutyrate. CAS No. 25265-77-4, EINECS 246-771-9, Molecular weight: 216.32
Color: colorless