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Welcome to Kremer Pigments Inc!

Kremer Pigments offers Raw Materials for Art & Conservation, historic and modern pigments, mediums, binders, dyes, vegetable color paints, oils, brushes, tools, linen, books and many more.
Take a trip through our colored pages and explore the forgotten treasures of the old masters.

“The purity of color truly resonates when the traditional qualities and integrity of a pigment are considered as they relate to other materials in a composition.”
(Dr. Kremer)

Welcome fellow artists!

We always look forward to talking pigments and would be glad to take your order over the phone if you prefer.
Colorful regards,
Your Team from Kremer Pigments Inc.

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247 West 29th Street New York, NY 10001

between 7th and 8th Ave

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NEW Watercolor Sets!

Wiener Maler Set (Order number #881039)
This is a brighter, more colorful alternative to our classic Landscape watercolor set, which contains more earth colors. This set includes three pearl-luster colors, a rainbow of reds, yellows, greens and blues, plus black and white. The Wiener Maler set is a great "starter" set for people that love bold colors and some sparkle. You can definitely do landscape painting with this set as well! 
(PS- Wiener means "of Vienna" in German.)

Small Pearl Luster Set (Order number #881043)
This new set is a smaller version of our full 14-pan Pearl Luster set. It has the more "natural" metallic tones- meaning silvers, gold, and copper colors. Pearl Luster colors are more versatile than you may think. They can be used full strength to add sparkly highlights, such as in jewelry or insects. You can mix a tiny amount into non-luster colors to add a bit of shimmer and movement. The silver/white colors are beautiful mixed into bright, high-staining colors to create a pearlized version of anything! Mix these silvers with a bit of furnace black to get a deep silver/pewter color.


Request a copy of our Printed Catalog 2014 with historical information, tips and a new compatibility chart! The catalog lists all products readily in stock.
Call or email us for your free copy: info@kremerpigments.com

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*Additional products shown on our website may have longer delivery times.

Kremer Pigmente on international Trade Fairs

Kremer Pigmente take part on many international meetings and trade fairs for art, culture and conservation.
We are looking forward to meeting you.


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(image: throwback photo from Kremer's first NYC location in the early 90's)