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About us

We have been discovering and redeveloping historical pigments since 1977. Our assortment consists of over 1000 different mineral pigments made from precious and semiprecious stones. We offer some of these pigments in various grindings and qualities. Special requests in regards to purity and particle size can be complied with.

We also offer 4 different qualities of blue pigment made from Lapis Lazuli. The best quality is made according to the original recipe, already mentioned by Cennino Cennini, and is called Fra Angelico Blue.

Additionally, we offer genuine Sepia made from Adriatic cuttlefish, the famous blue glass Smalt, and, Lead Tin Yellow, the pure yellow of the Gothic and Renaissance painters. Our new products include South American Maya Blue and Egyptian Blue.

For house painting we stock over 60 earth colors from France, Italy, Britain, Germany, and Greece. These are applied either with lime, oil, casein, or acrylic. Our wood-burnt pit lime is made from 98% pure calcium carbonate lime stone and slaked with a minimum of five years, making it one of the few fresco-quality pit limes available today. Our new earth color chart contains handpainted samples of our complete line of earth pigments in casein or watercolor paper.

Due to our experience with pigments made of precious stones and minerals, we have picked the best industrially manufactured pigments for artistic painting. Several hundred modern pigments complete the historical palette. Historical and modern binders, natural dyes, modern synthetic pigments, chemicals as well as additives, round off the assortment.

Our large stock and fast mailing service guarantee a quick supply, nationally and internationally. Subsidiaries in Europe’s largest cities and also New York City provide convenient shopping possibilities.