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Newsletter 09-2015


Kremer Pigmente

Color Chips in Paraloid™ B 72


Because of its excellent light fastness and its proven, good dissolvability Paraloid™ B72 (Ethyl-Methacrylat) has been the resin of choice in the international restoration for more than 60 years. The dispersion of pigments in Paraloid™ B72 often constitutes a technical problem for many users as they only need a small quantity.
Kremer Pigmente disperses the pigments of choice in a technically sophisticated way using a minimum quantity of the binder. The amount of pigment depends on the used pigment and can vary between 30-40%, 20% with Spinel Black.

The Color Chips can be dissolved in all solvents suitable for dissolving Paraloid™ B72.
Recommended is the solvent Methoxy-propanol PM (# 70920) which is particularly non-toxic and evaporates sufficiently slowly. Users perceive the longer handling with Paraloid™ B72 Color Chips as pleasant.


Black Wood Stain with Tannin

The simplest Black Stain for wood is made of Tannin and iron salts. Oak wood and some other types of wood contain sufficient tanning materials to achieve a blue-black discoloration for example with an iron nail.

Tannin is a natural substance that consists of oak gall or other Tannin containing plants. Dissolved in water Tannin reacts with iron ions to an insoluble Tannin-Ironblack.

Dissolve 25 g Tannin (# 94500) in one liter cold water by stirring. The solution is applied on a dry wood. After the Tannin solution has dried a solution of 25 g Iron Sulphate (# 64200) with one liter water is applied on the pretreated wood. The surface gets black and a no longer washable black coloration is generated.


Information: Removal of Cadmium Pigments

We like to inform you that as a part of the limitation of Cadmium Pigments a significant gap is caused, which can not be covered completely with organic pigments. The number of inorganic alternatives is small. We would therefore draw your attention to the fact that unfortunately we are only able to offer the stocks available.

Already sold out:

- (# 21050) Cadmium Yellow No. 8, medium dark
- (# 21111) Cadmium Orange, dark
- (# 21150) Cadmium Red No. 4, bluish purple