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Newsletter 12-2015

Kremer Pigmente

Pearl Luster Pigments

The shimmer of pearl luster pigments is fascinating not only in the Christmas season. The high quality pearlescent pigments consist of mica or borosilicate flakes coated with metal oxides in an elaborate process that makes them extremely lightfast and eminently suitable for artists’ paints. Mixtures with translucent pigments achieve a whole new range of pearlescent hues. Milori blue or phthalo blue with an Ekaton white pearlluster pigment results in a blue metallic color; phthaloblue or green with Colibrigold results in intense green metallic colors.


Thin natural mica flakes are coated with a thin layer of metal oxide, such as titanium dioxide and / or iron oxide. Through a combination of transparency, refractive index, coating thickness and multiple reflections varied color effects are produced, such as those found elsewhere only in nature - silver white, interference, gold and multi-colored metallic luster effects.


Pigments based on synthetic borosilicate flakes (a type of synthetic gem) have extremely smooth surfaces. With its brilliant and colorful sparkle and strong shine they give surfaces a certain air of extravagance: extraordinary sparkle, brilliance and high gloss, high transparency and unique rainbow effect. The MIRA pearlescent pigments are almost colorless, transparent pigments. On a dark background they give a colored glitter effect that is particularly brilliant in glossy binders.


These pigments are based on natural muscovite mica with a special titanium interference layer. The hue angle of each variety of Pyrisma® was determined by use of advanced complex colorimetric calculation. With their exceptional color saturation and the especially developed particle size distribution these pigments set a new standard. Their excellent performance and their resistance to environmental influences make them especially suitable for outdoor applications.


Modern Gold-Leaf Gilding

Workshop on 29th of April 2016 in Aichstetten

The world of gold-leaf gilding: With over 30 years of professional experience Dietmar E. Feldmann gives insights into the art of gold-leaf gilding.

The workshop will be held in German.

It will take place on 29th of April 2016 in Aichstetten.

Please find more information on our homepage Kremer Pigmente/Courses


Kremer Pigmente Advent Quiz

Final spurt … now only 6 days remain before Christmas Eve! Everyday in December we post a question on our Facebook page. Please write a comment under the particular post if you know the answer. Under the 20 first received and correct answers we will give away a great price.


Blue Lapis Lazuli from the Andes

Lapis Lazuli is a relatively rare, semi precious stone which has been prized for its intense blue color since antiquity. There are two areas where Lapis Lazuli is found. It has been mined in Afghanistan for more than 8000 years and in Chile since the 20th century.

We sell this Lapis Lazuli from the Andes in unsorted pieces calculated as an amount per kilogram.

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc -

We can offer following Lapis Lazuli products.


Kremer Pigmente Opening hours

Please note that the Colormill in Aichstetten remains closed during the holidays from 24-12-2015 till 03-01-2016. Our shop in Munich is also closed in this period. We are looking forward to be there for you again on 4 of January 2016!

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year 2016!

Your Kremer Pigmente Team