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Newsletter 06-2016

Kremer Pigmente

Green Earths

Nature provides many different green minerals. The hues of those ground minerals range from green to greenish gray. And many of these powders can be used to make colorful surfaces. In general, the coloring effect of these powders is caused by iron-IIsilicates.

Differentiating the green powders is very difficult, due to the varying chemical composition. The alchemistic possibilities of recognizing and describing these rare materials were limited. The basis element of the most frequently used green minerals is iron, chrome or/and nickel. In Russia, for example, a local chrome deposit was exploited for artist purposes. The chemical composition is a hydrated chrome-iron-silicate, the color hue similar to viridian green.

In Italy, many mineral deposits of green and greenish minerals were available in Tuscany during the Middle-Ages.

The medieval mineralogist could easily distinguish between green earths and green copper compounds. However, the green earths were named after the place of their origin. The individual deposits of some green minerals were sometimes scarce but on a regional scale they were plentiful. Epidote, for example, can be found as veins and thin layers up to 1 cm thick, in the area around Livorno, in Italy.

Many of the green minerals were locally ground and used as pigments and therefore, trades did not develop. An expansion of range of light-fast green pigments was always welcome.

The literary passage of Theophilus should only be interpreted by differentiated chemical analysis of Gothic and Roman paintings. Even though one or another green mineral substance can be determined by such an analysis, it cannot exclude other substances of the paintings of another artist in another city.


Recipe: White Chalk Paint

White chalk paint is an opaque white paint, which can be used indoors on walls, paper, wood surfaces, glass and plastic.


345 g (#58010) Chalk from Ruegen
155 g (#65000) Water
500 g (#79227) Wall Paint Binder, transparent
100 g (#27000) Kremer Color Paste - Titanium White


Soak the chalk from Ruegen (#58010) in demineralized water for several hours. Stir 500 g of wall paint binder (#79227) into the mixture of chalk and water. Now add 100 g of Kremer color paste titanium white (#27000).


For other colors the paint can be modified by replacing the color paste titanium white with another color paste.

Pigments should be soaked in water before mixing them with the other ingredients. Please note that only pigments which are compatible with acrylic binders can be used for this paint (see: pigment suitability list). If other pigments are used, the pigment-binder-ratio may have to be adjusted. Please test if the paint shows chalking when dried. If it does, add more wall paint binder.


New Pigments

Persian Yellow (#17020)

Persian Yellow derives from a natural Limonite which can also be described as a slightly brownish natural Terra di Siena. Used with linseed oil the pigment serves as a glaze. Persian Yellow has a very fine grain size of about 20 micron and may be used for all techniques.

Persian Red (#17280)

Hormuz iron oxide red is one of the highest quality natural iron oxide red pigments worldwide. Industrial exploitation started in 1935 but the Hormuz red has already served as the principal iron oxide red in the Middle East for many centuries before. One of the major characteristics of our Persian Red is its extremely high proportion of iron oxide red of 70%. The pigment has a very fine grain size of about 20 micron and may be used for all techniques.

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. -


TRI - Funori™ (#634776)

Fixative, cleaning agent and light adhesive

The characteristic that makes TRI-Funori™ polysaccharide starch valuable is its interesting ability to bind large amounts of water relative to its mass. This means that it does not wet the surface to which it is applied.

In turn, it does not mobilize salts and therefore does not leave tide lines.

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. -


HiPure Liquid Gelatin (#63530)

- now available in 30 ml

HiPure Liquid Gelantin is pourable liquid and water soluble.

It has excellent adhesion to metal, rubber, glass, leather, cork, wood and paper.

Similar to animal gelatin, but offers much easier handling characteristics.

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. -