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Newsletter 09-2016

Kremer Pigmente


Azurite, is a natural basic copper carbonate. The mineral occurs in various parts of the world in secondary copper ore deposits where it is frequently associated with malachite, a green basic copper carbonate.

Azurite may have been employed as a pigment as early as the Fourth Dynasty in Egypt. Azurite was no doubt the most important blue pigment in European painting from the fifteenth to the middle of the seventeenth century and in paintings of that period it is found more frequently than ultramarine. In fifteenth- and sixteenth-century European easel painting natural azurite was often used as an underpaint for ultramarine. Azurite was also widely used as a blue pigment in wall paintings in Central Asia and in paintings by the Ukiyo-e School in Japan.

The invention of Prussian blue in the eighteenth century seems largely to have displaced azurite from the palette in Europe. Like other mineral pigments, it has been prepared from carefully selected material by grinding, washing, levigation and sieving. Azurite is cristalline and for use as a pigment is ground rather coarsely because fine grinding causes it to become pale and weak in tinting strength. Areas of dark, coarsely ground azurite on paintings can often be recognized by their sandy texture and by their thickness.

Traditionally it appears to have been mostly used in a tempera medium because in oil it would be dark and muddy and would not have the sparkle that it has in tempera. We offer an azurite treated in a lavish process that was developed by Michael Price. In this prepared state, it can be used in an oil medium without darkening and turning green. The azurite is prepared by washing it in an egg yolk medium thus produces a selection of the particles according to their size while simultaneously coating them in a protein. Recent analysis of old paintings by the IRPA in Brussels have found almost all copper pigments to be coated with proteins. This procedure of particle separation offers extremely beautiful and brilliant hues.

It is not uncommon to find scattered particles of malachite and cuprite, a red mineral (Cu2O) because of the close association of these three minerals. The proportion of the impurities influences the color of an azurite paint film. Azurite is stable to light and normal atmosphere.

New Product Catalogue in German 2016/2017

At the end of October, we bring out our new catalogue!

All pigments, dyes, vegetable color paints and ready-made colors are illustrated in color and give an idea of the shade. Discover the variety of the individual products and immerse yourself in the world of Kremer Pigmente!


Again available:

Colophonium dark brown
, rosin (# 60304)

Residue of turpentine destillation.

Available in 100 g and 1 kg packages.


New Products

Indigo, japanese polygonum (# 36004)

Organically grown in Belgium. Extra-fine first quality product for painting and textile dyeing.

Available in 10 g and 50 g packages.


Oil Brush, Master-Class S (# 8507306 - # 8507318)

• Exact painting edge

• Very high elasticity

• Very high liquid holding capacity

• Perfect shape retention

• Selected synthetic hair which is perfectly imitated to the Kolinsky hair in elasticity and liquid holding capacity

Available in size: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

Cremona Mondomusica

30. September – 2. October 2016, Cremona, Italy

The International Exhibition of Handcrafted Musical Instruments, is the most qualified worldwide Exhibition of the sector.

We look forward meeting you in hall 2.


Salon International du Partrimoine Culturel

3. – 6. November 2016, Paris, France

Focused on the topic of “remarkable cultural heritage projects”.

We look forward meeting you in hall LE NOTRE stand J20.


Salone dell'Arte e del Restauro di Firenze

09. – 11. November 2016, Florence, Italy

The Fair will be highly relevant to the restoration, conservation and preservation of our cultural heritage, linking art, knowledge and technology together.
We look forward meeting you.



10. - 12. November 2016Leipzig, Germany

Europe's leading trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation.

We look forward meeting you in hall 2 stand B24.