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Newsletter 01-2017

Kremer Pigmente

Spinel Black

Spinel Black belongs to the copper-manganese-iron-system of spinels. This pigment is characterized by an unusually deep black appearance.

While other pigments remit at least some part of the light spectrum and appear more or less colored, spinel black remits no more than 1.5% of incoming light at any point of the spectrum. No other pigment achieves this kind of optical blackness. Its good hiding power also gives this pigment a high yield.

Since spinel black is practically insoluble, handling requires the usual precautions against dust inhalation and working hygiene.

Spinel Black is a chrome-free black with an excellent hiding power. It fits for Pantone Process Black C. It will be predominantly used in technical applications. The pigment has good chemical resistance, outdoor durability, light fastness, heat stability, is non-bleeding and non-migratory. It is a pigment suggested for engineering resins. Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for paints and coatings including general industry, coil and extrusion coatings. This pigment causes no warpage in injection-moulded or extruded parts. Its good fastness ratings makes the pigment expedient for plastics resistant to both weathering and heat, its outstanding color strength makes it especially suitable for shading. Another field of application are architectural finishes, both water- and solvent-based.

New Courses

The knowledge of pigments, of their use and application is a foundation of painting and restoration. In our courses the experienced teachers will show you a wide range of pigments and binders and you have the opportunity to work with selected materials according to historic recipes. The teaching language is German.

02. – 03. March 2017 Pigmentherstellung und –verwendung
07. April 2017 Moderne Blattvergoldung
19. April 2017 Kurs rund um das Thema „Aquarellfarbe“
20. April 2017 Kurs rund um das Thema „Ölfarbe“
21. April 2017 Kurs rund um das Thema „Acrylfarbe“

Contact and registration by phone 07565-914480 or email info@kremer-pigmente.com.



28. – 31. January 2017, Frankfurt, Germany

Trade fair for hobbies, arts & crafts and artists requisites.

We look forward meeting you in hall 4.1, stand A24.


Art Karlsruhe

16. – 19. February 2017, Karlsruhe, Germany

The fair for classic modern and comtemporary art.

We look forward meeting you in Foyer East, Stand 102.



15. – 18. February 2017, New York, USA

The College Art Association Annual Conference is the largest international gathering of professionals in the visual arts.

We look forward meeting you.



05. – 07. March 2017, Salt Lake City, USA

The International Art Materials Association - NAMTA® is dedicated to promoting the art/creative materials industry.

We look forward meeting you.



22. – 24. March 2017, Ferrara, Italy

The 24th Fair of the conservation, technology and promotion of cultural and environmental heritage.

We look forward meeting you.


Laquer and Varnish Brush - very soft ox-ear hair 


 - high liquid absorption
 - especially for glazing
 - perfect laquer and varnish brush
 - high dimendional stability
 - for spilling of different colors

#85007210 Size 1width: 22,4 mm, length: 34 mm

#85007215 Size 1,5: width: 34,2 mm, length: 36 mm

#85007220 Size 2width: 46,4 mm, length: 38 mm

#85007225 Size 2,5width: 59,4 mm, length: 40 mm

#85007230 Size 3: width: 74 mm, length: 40 mm


New Publication

Handbuch und Nachschlagewerk für den bildenden Künstler (#990324)

Werkstoffe und Techniken für das Zeichnen und Malen

von Hermann Heiss

2016, 480 S., Hardcover, zahlr. Abb. und Rezepte

UVP: 48,00 €

Hermann Heiss vermittelt in seinem Buch Werkstoffe und Techniken für das Zeichnen und Malen. Dem Autor gelingt es, mehr als 100 Rezepte, Abbildungen und Malweisen so genau und ausführlich zu beschreiben, dass jeder Künstler diese verstehen und damit arbeiten kann. Neben den gängigen Malweisen beschreibt der Autor auch altmeisterliche Arbeitstechniken wie die Schichtmalerei oder das Arbeiten mit dem Silberstift. Ergänzt wird das Buch durch viele Tabellen, Zusammenfassungen und Übersichten.


Special offer: XXL Mortar and Pestle

Volume 6 liter; unglazed

The XXL mortar has a diameter of 330 mm and a height of 130 mm.
The associated pestle has a length of 280 mm.

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. -

Further mortars and pestles