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Newsletter 03-2017

Kremer Pigmente


C.I. Natural Red 24

The term Redwood is referred to a number of different woods which are divided in two groups: soluble and insoluble redwoods. Brazilwood belongs to the soluble redwoods. Insoluble redwoods are, for example, Sandalwood, Coralwood, Muningawood. Brazilwood derives from the Arabic name “Braza” which means pale red.

Brazilwood or Pau-Brasil, sometimes known as Pernambuco - Chaesalpinia echinatais - a dense, orange-red wood, which takes a high shine, is the premier wood used for making bows for string instruments from the violin family. The wood also yields a red dye called brazilin, which oxidizes to brazilein. 

Botanically, several tree species are involved in the family Leguminosae, the pulse family. The term "Brasilwood" is most often used to refer to the species Caesalpinia echinata, although it is also applied to other species. This Caesalpinia echinata is also known as Pau-de-Pernambuco (Pernambuco is also the name of a small state in Northeast Brazil).

To extract the dye, an aqueous extract is made from the grated wood, which is first yellow and after a while in the air turns red. Older wood contains more dye and the extracts are redder from the beginning. The addition of acid makes the extract yellowish, and bases give an intense red color.  Lakes can be obtained by the addition of salts: tin salts give a carmine red precipitation and iron vitriol a violet one.

Materials dyed with redwood extracts are not very resistant to acids and bases. Compared to the dyes now available, the lightfastness is also very low.

Redwood extracts
are prepared by drying the aqueous extracts. These are available as pieces or as powder, in the past it was also available as liquid pulp. Redwood extracts are more difficult to handle, partially it has to be cooked for a long time until the dye is solved again.

Important note:
Caesalpinia echinata is a protected species. Therefore it is getting more and more difficult to offer brazilwood at all. Our Brazilwood comes from historic remainders which are CITES-certified. The actual batch of this dyewood allows to achieve beautiful, clear red and pink hues. The wood can contain residue of resins, therefore the dyewood extract has to be filtered before use.

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Coming out soon:

Spring News from the Color-Mill

We present you new Pigments, Watercolors, Color Pastes, Restoration Material and Books.

Be inspired by our spring news and immerse yourself in the world of colorful pigments and new opportunities for working techniques.

Most new products can already be found at New Products.


Cultural Heritage Event

05. - 07. April 2017's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

An innovative and refreshing event for the cultural heritage sector. It is a meeting point for experts and everyone else who is interested.

We look forward to meeting you.


Salon New York

13. - 16. April 2017New York, USA

The Salon is a world wide gathering of some of the top artists and decorative painters. It is an exciting and unique Art show of masters from different countries who exhibit their work, teach master-classes, discuss old and new techniques, products and information in the field. This year’s theme is Art Deco.

We look forward to meeting you.


New Product:


solvent resistante, white enameled with 22 cups, without contents.

Available with order number 883360

RRP 43,44 Euro (pre-tax)

Kremer Courses - Still a few places available!

The teaching language is German.

19. April 2017 Kurs rund um das Thema „Aquarellfarbe“

20. April 2017 Kurs rund um das Thema „Ölfarbe“

Contact and registration by
phone 07565-914480 or e-Mail info@kremer-pigmente.com

Further information

New German Publication:

Ulrich Binder - Physik der Farbe

112 S., 19 × 25 cm, ca. 70 Abbildungen, Halbgewebeband

Eine praktische Farbenlehre für Architektur, Design und Handwerk.
Ulrich Binder wagt eine neue Farbenlehre: Abseits von Grundfarben, Sattheitsgraden und Mischverhältnissen nähert er sich dem Thema Farbe über die Beschaffenheit und die Empfindung des Materials.

Available with order number 991214

RRP 29,00 Euro (pre-tax)

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