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Newsletter 09-2017

Kremer Pigmente

Colored minerals from Mels

Côte d’Azur Violet is a light violet slate powder from Mels, Switzerland. Its color is a result of the iron and manganese it contains. This violet is found in Italian painting and also north of the Alps: In the 18th century, the two architects and decorators Cosmas Damian and Egid Quirin Asam used it in churches to paint the cloaks of angels and saints. Although the original source of this pigment has not been determined yet, indistinguishable qualities of this pigment occur in different regions. The first discovery from Kremer Pigmente of slate violet was at the Côte d’Azur in Southern France (hence the pigment’s name), the current supply, however, is from an area between Chur and Zurich (Switzerland). Together with the slate green and grey from the same origin, the color trio produces a special mineral harmony. Their uniqueness results from a combination of glimmer and titanium, which produces pigments of higher covering power than other earth pigments.

In addition to slate violet, there is also a hard, green slate mineral found in Mels. Geological history often produces minerals that may differ in color but have very similar chemical compounds and properties. The slate green pigment produced from it is brighter than a green earth. It is a cool, slightly greyish green hue. The combination of Mels slate violet, green and grey is perfect for large fresco paintings on ceilings and walls, e. g. to depict angels and the lives of saints. Since the eye can detect characteristics beyond the plain hue of a pigment, earth colors from the same locality can produce matching tonalities, which viewers perceive as resonant. Therefore, the three colored minerals from Mels together form a special color harmony.

Along with the two other colored minerals from Mels, there is also this very hard, black slate from the region between Chur and Zurich (Switzerland). It adds a medium grey to the Mels color palette of slate green and violet. Mels grey is a cool, middle grey hue with less of a green tint than other slate pigment powders. The three pigments from Mels together form a late-Baroque, special color harmony. In Italy, possibly there are other localities with minerals of similar color, but they have not been determined yet. In the 18th century, the positive characteristics of these pigments, both in terms of color and application, caused the Asam brothers to widely use them for the decorations in all their ecclesiastical building projects following Einsiedeln Abbey, Switzerland (later often referred to simply as the “Asam Churches”).



Since 1977 the company Kremer Pigmente has been devoted to the rediscovery of historical colors and the traditional craftsmanship surrounding them. In our color mill in Aichstetten in southern Germany we carefully manufacture historical pigments and dyes and offer them, along with modern pigments and other painting materials and tools.

In 2017, Kremer Pigmente is celebrating its 40th anniversary and marking the occasion with a special Anniversary Assortment: It is comprised of 40 glasses containing 39 historical painting materials and one historical tool. Each jar stands for one year of the company’s history – the assortment as a whole is a symbol of our passion for historical colors that we strive to make accessible again.

Limited edition of 500!

Available with order number 14400.


New Courses in October at Kremer Pigmente, Germany

The knowledge of pigments, of their use and application is a foundation of painting and restoration.

In our courses the experienced teachers will show you a wide range of pigments and binders and you have the opportunity to work with selected materials according to historic recipes. The teaching language is German.

Ölfarbe - Eigenschaften, Herstellung und Verwendung

Moderne Blattvergoldung - hochglänzende Instacoll Vergoldung

--> New Courses at Kremer Pigments Inc. / New York


Kremer Color Paste - Biflair® 83

brilliant silver-white effect pigment, solids content 60%

Their unique, intense silky luster gives the impression of liquid metal, combining a high degree of whiteness with outstanding hiding ability.

27050 Kremer Color Paste - Biflair® 83

- sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. -



29. September – 01. October 2017, Cremona, Italy

International Exhibition of Handscrafted Musical Instruments.

We look forward to meeting you in hall 2.

International Hertitage Fair

02. - 05. November 2017, Paris, France

Not only the oldest but the leading heritage fair in Europe.

We look forward meeting you in hall LE NOTRE J20.


New Product Catalogue 2017/2018

At the end of October, we bring out our new Catalogue!

All pigments, dyes, vegetable color paints and ready-made colors are illustrated in color and give an idea of the shade. Discover the variety of the individual products and immerse yourself in the world of Kremer Pigmente!

Almost all new products can already be found in our online shop under the categorie: 
New Products.