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Newsletter 11-2017

Kremer Pigmente


Chemical Composition: Iron Pyrites, FeS2

Pyrite Powder is an iron sesquioxide and belongs to the group of magnetic pigments.

Its name is derived from the greek word “pyros” which means fire. Early on, the shimmering crystalline mineral was seen as something special since it could be used to light a fire. Furthermore, the shiny quality of the glittering mineral may evoke real gold, thus being also called “fools gold” and in German “cats gold”. When ground, pyrite forms a greenish-gray lustrous powder with a beautiful golden shimmer. The color nuance of the powder depends on the grain size of the pigment: the bigger the crystals, the more intense the golden shimmer; with very fine powder, the golden shine is lost. The discreet grey-golden pigment is especially impressive in combination with smalt and red ochers.

Pyrite is found throughout the world, especially on Elba Island (Italy), in Piemont (Italy), Germany but also in the Amazon region. The Pyrite from Kremer Pigmente is from Germany.

Pyrite can be used in all kind of binders: Oil, Acrylics, Lime / Fresco, Watercolor / Gouache


Glitter, biodegradable

This glitter has a high brilliance and a perfect spot-sparkling effect. It is biodegradable into carbon dioxide, water and biomass by microbial digestion (according to DIN EN 13432:200-1). Moreover it is free from any polymers which are made from crude oil (made from annually renewable source).

Intended for dry (powder) applications only. Stability and application testing is recommended in any case. Not suitable for water based or solvent based formulations.

Available in two different particle sizes:

200 µ: #50740 in 100 g and 1 kg

400 µ: #50742 in 100 g and 1 kg


Opal Red

warm red, finer 63 µ

Opalite is a semi-precious stone, which is a pre-stage of opal. Opalite occurs in lots of various color shades, but not as transparent and iridescent as genuine opal. The red opalite is mined in Arizona.

Opal red is distinguish by a light, warm red shade. The pigment is transparent and keeps a certain granularity despite the sifting finer then 63 µ. It can be used in Watercolor/Gouache, Acrylics or Lime/Fresco, but not for silicate tecniques. The pigment can also be ground in oil. Here the color remains glazing with a particularly beautiful orange red shade.

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. -


Kremer Pigmente Advent Quiz

Everyday in December we will post a question on our

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Please write a comment under the particular post if you know the answer. We will draw a winner amongst 20 of the first correct answers and give away great prizes.

Eligibility requirements and further information


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The agates are semi-precious stones, formed from silica compounds.

They are sensitive to scratching and damage and should be stored safely.