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Newsletter 03-2018

Kremer Pigmente


Until the beginning of the 19th century, Ultramarine Blue was a prized luxury product due to its extensive production process from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli and obtained according to old recipes. Even today, the natural pigment ultramarine („azzurum ultramarinum“ = „blue from across the seas“) is as precious as gold.

Ultramarine is famous for its characteristic bright, deep blue color. From a physical point of view, ultramarine blue is positioned at the far short-wave end of the color spectrum, leaning towards the violet side of blue. The closer the color gets to the end of the visible spectrum, the darker it seems. Reproductions in books and photographs usually fail to convey the appearance and quality of ultramarine blue.

Since 1829, ultramarine pigments are also produced synthetically. It is a time-intensive process, during which kaolin, quartz, soda, Glauber’s salt, and sulfur are burnt together with carbon as reducing agent. The duration and temperature of the burning process determine the color nuance of the resulting ultramarine pigment. The chemical formula is Na8[Al6Si6O24]S4 and thus is identical with the one of natural ultramarine. Ultramarine can be understood as a complex sulpho-silicate. It is easily recognizable: If hydrochloric acid is poured on the mineral pigment, hydrogen sulfide gas will escape.

Around 1880, there were 24 factories producing artificial ultramarine pigments in Germany. In 1852, the new ultramarine factory Marienberg was founded in the Lauter valley in the Odenwald which existed until 1972. After the Blue Color factory Marienberg in the Odenwald was closed, some of its reference samples were set aside and stored in a garage. Decades later, when the garage was cleared out, the historic samples ended up at Kremer Pigmente.


Set: Ultramarine

35 pigments in 10 ml glasses, in a wooden box
incl. product brochure, limited edition

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc -

Single Ultramarine Pigments from Marienberg*

#42610 Ultramarine Red light I
#42611 Ultramarine Red light II
#42612 Ultramarine Red
#44711 Ultramarine Green II
#44712 Ultramarine Green III
#44714 Ultramarine Bluegreen light
#45090 Ultramarine Blue Reddish light
#45094 Ultramarine Blue dark I
#45095 Ultramarine Blue dark II
#45097 Ultramarine Blue Greenish I
#45098 Ultramarine Blue Greenish II
#45140 Ultramarine Violet reddish light I
#45141 Ultramarine Violet reddish light II
#45142 Ultramarine Violet medium I
#45143 Ultramarine Violet medium II
#45145 Ultramarine Violet dark II 

Various remainders from Marienberg*

#45190 Remaining Stock Ultramarine Blue, light
#45191 Remaining Stock Ultramarine Blue, medium
#45192 Remaining Stock Ultramarine Blue, medium dark
#45193 Remaining Stock Ultramarine Blue, dark 

*Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc.


New Courses in April

The knowledge of pigments, of their use and application is a major basis of painting and restoration.

In our courses the experienced teachers will show you a wide range of pigments and binders and you have the opportunity to work with selected materials according to historic recipes. The teaching language is German.

19.04.2018 Alles rund um das Thema Ölfarbe
Eigenschaften, Herstellung und Verwendung

20.04.2018 Alles rund um das Thema Aquarellfarbe
Eigenschaften, Herstellung und Verwendung


Linseed Oil Varnish

older than 50 years

Remaining stock of an old painters business. The older a linseed oil varnish the more durable the oil paint.

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc -


Salon Leeuwarden

03. - 06. May 2018
Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Salone dell'Arte e del Restauro di Firenze

16. - 18. May 2018
Florence, Italy

AIC's 46th Annual Meeting

29. May - 02. June 2018
Houstan, Texas, USA


Coming out soon:

Spring News from the Color-Mill

We present new pigments, gilding products and more highlights in the field of oil, varnish and dye.

Be inspired by our spring news and immerse yourself in the world of colorful pigments and new opportunities for working techniques.

 Most new products can already be found in our online shop.


Kremer Pigmente wishes you creative and colorful

Easter Holidays!