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Newsletter 04-2018

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historical pigment, made from Tyrian purple

Plinius (AD 23–79) includes in his Natural History many paints and dyes. In particular he describes the manufacture of a very expensive and desirable purple pigment called ‘purpurissum’. This was made by dyeing a white earth substrate with Tyrian (shellfish) purple: “...purpurissum holds the highest rank. To prepare it ‘creta argentaria’ is dyed along with purple cloth, and it takes up the colour more speedily than the wool.” [Naturalis historia XXXV.xxvi.44]

Purpurissum is made of the Tyrian purple pigment and creta argentaria (silver chalk). The more silver chalk is added to the Tyrian purple pigment, the lighter the color shade becomes. 

Purpurissum can be ground in egg-white, acrylic dispersion or gum Arabic. Linseed oil or egg-yolk are unsuitable mediums – the color turns gray.

Tyrian purple also known as imperial purple or imperial dye, royal purple, is a purple-red dye which was first produced by the ancient Phoenicians in the city of Tyre (Lebanon). Tyrian Purple is made from excretions of a Mediterranean Sea snail. The excretions of 10000 sea snails are necessary to obtain 1 g dye.

Plinius describes the dyeing process of two purples in his Natural History:“(...) the Tyrian hue (...) is considered of the best quality when it has exactly the colour of clotted blood, and is of a blackish hue to the sight, but of a shining appearance when held up to the light; hence it is that we find Homer speaking of "purple blood."


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Spring News from the Color-Mill!

Be inspired by our Spring News and immerse yourself in the world of colorful pigments and new opportunities for working techniques. We present new pigments, gilding products and more highlights in the field of oil, varnish and dye.

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Meteorite Brown

Our meteorites were found near the Moroccan town of Zagora. These Chondrites belong to the so-called stone meteorites and are about 4.5 billion years old. The meteorite fragments are ground to a powder finer than 80 μ.

Meteorite Brown can be used in acrylic binders as well as for the production of watercolors and gouache.

Available with order number #10975
in 10 g, 100 g and 1 kg.


Price adjustment

For over 10 years we have been able to keep a stable price level.
Due to a worldwide increase in raw materials we regret that we need to adjust our prices, effective 01.05.2018.

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Salon Leeuwarden

03. - 06. May 2018
Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Salone dell'Arte e del Restauro di Firenze

16. - 18. May 2018
Florence, Italy

AIC's 46th Annual Meeting

29. May - 02. June 2018
Houstan, Texas, USA


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In addition to our pre-scheduled courses we are now offering personalized workshops for individual groups of 8 to 12 participants. Courses will be held in our newly renovated and designed workshop room right in the middle of the Color-Mill premises.

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