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Newsletter 05-2018

Kremer Pigmente

Verona Green Earth, Celadonite

Nature provides many different green minerals. The hues of these ground minerals range from green to greenish gray. In general, the coloring effect of these powders is caused by iron-II-silicates. In the case of Verona Green Earth, the color is a result of the mineral celadonite. Compared to the frequently occurring ochres, green earths are rare and hard to obtain.

Verona Green Earth can be found in the mountains north of Verona, its source being well-known since antiquity. However, the bluish best quality of Verona is no longer available due to the landslide following the earthquake in 1922. The qualities accessible today which lack the distinctive blue tint are similar to the historical middle qualities. Verona Green Earth is a relatively warm greyish or olive green.

For centuries the pigment played an important role in painting. In the 14th century, it was often used as underpaint for the depiction of skin to contrast it with the warm flesh colors. For the same reason the painter Lovis Corinth recommended its use for the shadow areas in portraits. Verona Green Earth was also indispensible in landscape painting, especially when applied as a glaze.

#11000 Verona Green Earth, Celadonite, 0 - 120 µ
#11010 Verona Green Earth, extra fine, Celadonite, 0 - 80 µ
#110005 Verona Green Earth - Stone, Celadonite
#41700 Verona Green Earth
#41820 Verona Green Earth, imitation
#417007 Verona Green Earth in Linseed Oil


Pearlescent Pigments

Pearlescent pigments behave differently due to the specific light refraction of their characteristic thin, flaky pigment particles. The pigment flakes are extremely smooth. Opaque flakes produce a reflecting metallic sparkle. Semi-opaque flakes refract light from the upper and the lower surface which leads to their interference effects. Pearlescent pigments with a precicely defined and consistent flake thickness can produce effects that are distinguished by a whole range of viewing angle-dependent colors.

Xirallic® NXT F260-51 SW Cougar Red

The pigment is characterized by a very intense luminosity, lively sparkle and powerful brilliance and is suitable for a vast variety of applications. Its slightly bluish hue is situated in the center of the red color spectrum.

The pigment’s special intensity gives even more depth to black surfaces, with a fascinating interplay of colors.

Available with order number #50450 in 10 g, 50 g, 100 g and 1 kg


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