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Newsletter 06-2018

Kremer Pigmente

Blue Verditer

synthetic Azurite, Cendres Blue

Blue verditer or blue bice is a name now given to an artificial basic copper carbonate 2CuCO3.Cu(OH)2. This manufactured copper carbonate was widely used as a wall paint in the 17th and 18th century, with a continuing use up to the 19th century.

Blue verditer is similar in composition to the mineral azurite. This synthetic azurite has a deep blue, slightly more greenish hue than the natural variety and lends itself to more even applications. Microscopically, blue verditer may be seen as tiny, rounded, fibrous aggregates, even in size and blue by transmitted light. It is similar in color to finely ground azurite.

Historically, it was mixed with smalt for deeper shades. According to Laurie, the manufacture of blue verditer seems to have been carried on in England in large quantities at one time. Blue verditer was the best cheap substitute for the more expensive azurite and ultramarine.

Blue verditer is suited for tempera and watercolor, not for oil.

#10180 Blue Verditer


*New Posh® Glass Palette

break-proof, suitable for all color types

For use with all paint media as an artist palette, mulling surface, mono printing surface, and craft surface. This product uses 1/8" tempered glass for maximum strength and safety, along with custom corner guards for added protection and surface traction. The edges are seamed, and the underside is finished with a dense solvent, and water resistant formulation that has excellent color fastness.
The palette is super easy to clean. Dried acrylic paint peels away, and dried oil paint can be removed with artist solvents or a single edge razor blade in a retractable scraper.

#883361 Posh® Glass Palette grey, 22 x 30 cm
#883362 Posh® Glass Palette grey, 30 x 40 cm
#883363 Posh® Glass Palette grey, 40 x 50 cm

#883364 Posh® Glass Palette white, 22 x 30 cm
#883365 Posh® Glass Palette white, 30 x 40 cm
#883366 Posh® Glass Palette white, 40 x 50 cm

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. -


*New Glass Plate for Grinding

This glass plate is particularly suitable for grinding paint.

Size: 320 x 250 mm, 15 mm thick, approx. 3 kg weight

#883371 Glass Plate for Grinding

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. -


Recipe: Casein Color mixed with lime


5,5  parts #58000 Chalk from Champagne
1,5  parts #58200 China Clay or #58250 Kaolin, yellowish
0,2  parts #63420 Dextrine, pure
1,2  parts #63200 Casein
200 g #31800 Pit Lime
830 ml Water

Mix thoroughly 5,5 parts of Chalk of Champagne (#58000), 1,5 parts of China Clay (#58200), 0,2 parts of Dextrine (#63420) and 1,2 parts of Casein (#63200). The Chalk of Champagne can be partially or completely substituted by other pigments. It should, however, be taken into consideration that the quality of the color can be influenced by the special properties of the pigments. It is therefore always recommended to carry out preliminary tests.

Disperse 1 kg of this mixture into 830 ml of water, let soak for approx. 5 hours or even best over night.

Mix well together and add about 200 g of Pit Lime (#31800) - which also should be mixed through for a thoroughly homogenous consistency, i.e. no clumps. Let rest for 1 - 2 hours .

Lime casein is not water soluble when dry.


International Urban Sketchers Symposium

18. – 21. July 2018
Porto, Portugal
In its commitment to promote urban sketching to the local drawing community, Urban Sketchers gives 10 Symposium Workshop Passes every year to sketchers from the host city.


28. – 30. September 2018
Cremona, Italy
International Exhibition of Handscrafted Musical Instruments.


Kremer Pigmente at the Kunstakademie Frankfurt

from 28. to 29. July 2018

The knowledge of pigments, of their use and application is a foundation of painting and restoration. In this course our experienced teacher will show you a wide range of pigments and binders and you have an opportunity to work with selected materials, according to historic recipes.

The teaching language is German.

Please find all information at: www.fkaf.de


Sanolin Ponceau - Food Colorant Red No. 7

water soluble powder dye, equivalent to Amaranth E 123

Water soluble scarlet red powder dye for the coloration of food. The pigment is suitable for the production of red aqueous solutions.

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. -