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Newsletter 10-2018

Kremer Pigmente


The frequently occurring Stibnite, also called antimonite, is an antimony sulfide mineral. Due to the needle or pike-like appearance of the antimony sulfide crystals, other names for antimony include “grey sword glint” and “sword glint”. Its color is a glittering metallic grey-black, sometimes with a bluish gleam. For its use in painting, a rough grinding is important, so that the needle-like character of the pigment is not lost.

Like the pigments pyrite, bismuth and lead white, antimony was used to create many different color nuances of grey in painting, architecture design and the coloring of furniture. Antimony was an important grey pigment especially in Renaissance painting, where it was used as underpaint, mixed with lead white and other pigments to create a shimmering silver-grey color, e. g. in paintings by Correggio. You may also know this lustrous grey-metallic material as “kohl”: Ground stibnite was used as eye-paint as early as in ancient Egypt. Until today, it is available in many North African countries as black eye make-up under the name “kohl”.

The largest sources for antimony in Europe are in Romania. Today, the mineral stibnite also has considerable economical importance.

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NEW: Kremer Pigmente Recipe Book

Our recipes will give you a guideline on how to produce your color according to your individual requirements.

Immerse yourself in the world of watercolors, egg yolk, wall paints, oilcolors, acryliccolors and further pigment applications.

Available with order number:

#992101 Kremer Pigmente Recipe Book (English)
#990226 Kremer Pigmente Rezeptbuch (German)


Change of article names

Due to the registered trademark in the article description of many BASF products, we had to make corresponding changes in the name. The article numbers have remained constant to make your search easier.

We are happy to answer your questions if you should not find a known product under the usual name!


Kremer Pigmente at international Fairs

08. – 10. November 2018
in Leipzig, Germany
Europe´s leading trade fair for historic monument conservation, restoration and old building renovation.

26. – 29. January 2019
in Frankfurt, Germany
International Trade Fair for Hobby, Arts and Crafts Supplies.

21. – 24. February 2019
in Karlsruhe, Germany
International Fair for Classic Modern and Contemporary Art.

Farbe, Ausbau und Fassade
20. – 23. März 2019
in Cologne, Deutschland


NEW: Kremer Pigmente Catalog 2018/2019

In mid-November our new catalog will be published in German and French.

We are happy to send you a copy for free directly to your home! Just send us a short message to info@kremer-pigmente.com.

Please note that the catalog will no longer be delivered automatically!