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Newsletter 02-2019

Kremer Pigmente

Creative book of the year 2019

The Kremer Pigmente Recipe Book has been awarded the 1st place of the "Creative Impulse Award 2019".

"And the winner is ...", so it was said Saturday, January 26, at the award ceremony of the "Oscars“ of the hobby, creative and art supplies industry at Creativeworld, the leading international fair for the creative market. With 46 submissions, numerous companies from Germany and abroad have again applied for the coveted Innovation Prize. For the 14th time, Messe Frankfurt awarded this renowned prize in cooperation with the trade magazine HobbyArt.
Kremer Pigmente is pleased to announce the first prize in the category "Creative Book of the Year" with the submission of the "Kremer Pigmente Recipe Book".

With the recipes, the reader gets a guide to the hand, with which he can make a color himself according to his individual needs. The Recipe Book helps to find the suitable pigments and materials for specific application! The 37 recipes are divided into the following categories: water color, tempera, acrylic paint, wall paint, oil paint and oil varnish, as well as other pigment applications.

The Kremer Pigmente Recipe Book is available in English and German under the order number:

#990226 Kremer Pigmente Rezeptbuch (German)
#992101 Kremer Pigmente Recipe Book (English)

to the RRP of 22,00 $ (Prices plus NY Sales Tax plus shipping costs).


Royal Damask 10 - 60 µ

The hue ranges from red to copper to gold, especially on a dark ground or when used with a dark transparent pigment.

This pigment is based on natural muscovite mica, with a special titanium interference layer. Color hue was predicted using sophisticated, complex colorimetric calculations. With its exceptional color saturation and specially developed grain size distribution, this pigment sets a new standard.

Its excellent performance and resistance to environmental influences, even outdoors, give the PYRISMA® interference pigment an ideal property profile.

Available with order number #50653
in 10 g, 50 g, 100 g and 1 kg.



The colored liquid is achieved by mixing water and a colored powder which is then applied on an absorbing supports like paper. Watercolor will last throughout ages if used on dry and stable surfaces which are protected against abrasion. They have already been used in prehistoric cave painting.

Gum Arabic is often used as a binder for watercolors because it dissolves easily in water. This natural gum is usually collected from various species of the North African acacia tree. Watercolors usually appear translucent or glazing even when painted in thicker layers. Gouache color is made by adding an opaque white pigment to the watercolor. In the past, painters used mostly lead white for this technique but today zinc white and chalk from champagne are more common. Staining color can be sealed with a fixative – similar to the ones used for pastel. If the color needs to be water-resistant you should work with tempera technique.

#79260 Watercolor Medium
The Kremer watercolor painting agent is ideal for creating an individual water color in a very simple and effective way. It contains gum arabic with honey and glycerin as plasticizer for best shelf life.

Take a few drops of the watercolor medium (#79260) and a little distilled water (#65000) on 1 - 3 teaspoons dry pigment. Grind the pigment with a glass muller or in a mortar to a homogeneous, lump-free paste.

#63300 Gum Arabic Pale, pieces
The color of the very different sized spherical pieces varies between very pale, brownish yellow to delicate reddish brown tones. The pieces may contain impurities, so you should filter the aqueous solutions. The mixing ratio with water is entirely at will and depending on the intended use. Normally 1 volume of rubber in 2 parts of water is dissolved overnight. If the gum solution is to be used to make watercolor paints, add some glycerin (up to about 5 or 10 percent).

#63330 Gum Arabic Powder
As an alternative to the gum arabic pieces, you can quickly make a gum solution using the highly purified, standardized powder.


Special offer:

Watercolor Brush Master-Class S round, No. 16

high-tec synthetic hair selection
visible length of hair: 34 mm, Ø 10,1 mm

The hair has been developed as an alternative to natural Kolinsky hair. It perfectly simulates natural Kolinsky hair in elasticity and water holding capacity. The excellent matching of hair leads to a brush with excellent „belly“ and perfect tip.

Available under order number #850054160

to the RRP of 20,00 $ (Prices plus NY Sales Tax plus shipping costs).


Kremer Pigmente at international fairs

21. – 24. February 2019
in Karlsruhe, Germany
International Fair for Classic Modern and Contemporary Art.

Farbe, Ausbau und Fassade
20. – 23. March 2019
in Cologne, Germany
Europe's trade fair for facade design & interior architecture.

VDR Tagung
22. – 23. March 2019
in Munich, Germany
Tagung „Die Fassung bewahren. Konservierung und Restaurierung polychromer Bildwerke“.

Salon Chamonix
18. - 21. April 2019
Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France
24 èmes Rencontres Internationales des Peintres Décorateurs.