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Newsletter 10-2019

Kremer Pigmente

Black Drawing Chalk

This black drawing chalk is a natural black slate with a high carbon content. Deposits of this type of slate can be found in Thuringia (Germany), parts of France and Andalusia (Spain).

Chalk drawings are known from prehistoric times but the medium really came into its own in the 15th century. Around 1400, the Italian painter and writer Cennino Cennini wrote about black chalk from the Piemont region in Italy, stating that it was very dark, excellent for drawing and soft enough to be sharpened with a penknife. These qualities allow the black chalk to be cut into smaller pieces. Put into a pencil holder and sharpened to a point, the chalk produces extremely fine black lines. Prizes vary according to the size of the pieces and are calculated by weight.

Together with white chalk, yellow and red ochres, black chalk is one of the four colors that predominated in Stone Age cultures. The black drawing chalk from Kremer Pigmente comes from Normandy, France.


NEW: Art Charcoal

This Charcoal is produced using a unique process that maintains the wood’s cell structure to increase durability and prevent breakage.

Art Charcoal - Baton

Diameter: 43 mm
Length: 150 mm

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. -

Art Charcoal - Bloc

Diameter: 43 mm
Length: 146 mm

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. -


Colorful autumn at Kremer Pigments

More than 150 earth colors...

For centuries, pigments have been made from raw materials and earths. Even prehistoric people created cave paintings from materials, the nature provided. Black from burnt wood or bones, yellow or read earths and white chalk were sufficient in order for the people to capture their images.


Retouching Colors Set in Shellac

27 pigments in shellac in 3 ml glasses

This assortment is particularly suitable for wood restoration. The pigments are ground in a shellac solution (#60450). The processing is carried out with alcoholic solvents such as spirit or ethyl alcohol. With slowly evaporating butanol the processing time can be extended. With shellac solution (#60473) as a medium, the gloss is increased. Even under the UV lamp, the shellacs do not behave inconspicuously.

Available with order number #14903


Conservation Set Van Eyck 2Kremer Color Chips in Paraloid® B 72

12 Kremer Color Chips in Paraloid® B 72

The retouching chips are produced in Paraloid® B 72. By adding solvents or special retouching solutions they become ready for use. We recommend the solvent Methoxypropanol PM, which evaporates slowly enough. Even a longer handling of the Paraloid® B 72 retouching chips is perceived as pleasant by the user. Restorers used the B 72 chips decades ago - the Paraloid® B 72 ethyl methacrylate has been the resin of choice in international restoration for more than 60 years for its superior lightfastness and proven, good re-dissolvability.

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. -


Watercolor Set Earth Colors

watercolor box with 14 full pans

Kremer watercolors are produced following historic recipes and are all handmade in Germany. The use of selected pure pigments both modern and historic as well as natural traditional binding media ensures a unique luminous quality. The fabrication of each watercolor pan requires diligence and time since they are filled layer by layer and need to be left to dry in between.

Available with order number #881002


Kremer Pigmente at international fairs


24. - 27. October 2019
in Paris, France

International heritage fair.

Cultura Suisse

22. - 24. January 2020
in Bern, Switzerland

The newly initiated trade fair for museums, museum technology and accessories, maintenance and protection of monuments, and cultural property and warehousing in Switzerland and with neighbouring countries.


25. - 28. January 2020
in Frankfurt, Germany

International Trade Fair for Hobby, Arts and Crafts Supplies.