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Newsletter 11-2019

Kremer Pigmente

Sets for Paint Making

Our assortment of over 1500 pigments offers variety and choice of color nuances which cannot be obtained with common ready-made paint. The new sets support an easy entry into the world of paint-making with pure pigments. They include the necessary studio materials, tools and three easy-to-use pigments needed to make the listed paint. Detailed descriptions of mixing ratios and precise technical instructions help the user to get a safe feeling for the materials.

Paint-Making Set Watercolor

Mortar and Pestle
Kremer Watercolor Medium and Gum Arabic in pieces
3 Pigments (Cobalt Blue Dark, Venetian Red, Italian Gold Ochre)
Syringes and Pans
Sketchbook and Watercolor Brush
Application Instructions

Gum Arabic forms the basis of our watercolor medium. The set gives the user the opportunity to prepare the medium from scratch using the Gum Arabic pieces, or to directly mix the pigments with our ready-made Watercolor Medium. The self-made color is suitable for immediate use or storage in pans.

Available with order number #14304

Paint-Making Set Oil

Glass Palette and Muller
Oils (Linseed Oil and Walnut Oil) and Wax Paint Medium
3 Pigments (Cobalt Blue Dark, Venetian Red, Italian Gold Ochre)
Empty Tubes for storing paint
Palette Knife
Oil-painting Brush
Application Instructions

Your freshly made oil paint can either be used right after production or can be stored in a tube for later use.

Available with order number #14306


New course in December

The knowledge of pigments, of their use and application is a foundation of painting and restoration. In our courses the experienced teachers will show you a wide range of pigments and binders and you have the opportunity to work with selected materials according to historic recipes. The teaching language is German.

Pigmentherstellung und -verwendung
Ein Kurs rund um das Thema Aquarellfarbe, Ölfarbe und Eitempera
vom 12. bis 13. Dezember 2019 in Aichstetten

Find more information at: Courses / Kremer Pigments in Aichstetten



tool to enhance your art

An optical device that, through a visual effect, allows to project what you want to paint onto any surface. The kit includes: DrawScope, metric lanyard, camera screw, velvet protective pouch, color and value guide box.

Find a video at: https://www.instagram.com/p/Btgz7IkoeCK/

Available with order number #883020


Kremer Pigmente Recipe Book

The paint-maker will get a guiding hand when making color themselves using our new Kremer Pigmente Recipe Book. The Recipe Book helps to source pigments and materials for each specific application. The 37 recipes are divided into the following categories: watercolor, egg tempera, acrylic paint, wall paint, oil paint and varnishes, as well as other pigment applications such as the coloring of concrete or epoxy resin.

The recipes provide the precise amounts and mixing ratios needed for the production of a particular color. The book contributes many additional technical tips and safety instructions.

Kremer Pigmente’s Recipe Book won the First Prize category, "Creative Book of the Year", at Creativeworld – the leading international fair for the creative market.

Available with order number #992101 in English
and #990226 in German


Kremer Pigmente at international fairs

Cultura Suisse

22. - 24. January 2020, in Bern, Switzerland

The newly initiated trade fair for museums, museum technology and accessories, maintenance and protection of monuments, and cultural property and warehousing in Switzerland and with neighbouring countries.


25. - 28. January 2020, in Frankfurt, Germany

International Trade Fair for Hobby, Arts and Crafts Supplies.


13. - 16. February 2020, in Karlsruhe, Germany

Classic Modern and Contemporary Art