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Newsletter 02-2020

Kremer Pigmente

Cadmium Pigments

Cadmium compounds are often used in paints and as pigments because of their brilliant hues. All cadmium pigments manufactured today are extremely lightfast, opaque and suitable for most artistic techniques. Toxic vapors are only released when cadmium pigments are burned. Therefore, the use of these pigments for painting purposes, for example for colored wall designs, is prohibited.

Cadmium red is derived from the CdSSe, which in its pure state is brown-black. With increasing selenium content, the pigment changes its color from orange to red to dark red.

The yellow of the German Bundespost was still cadmium yellow up to the early 1980s. Cadmium yellow consists of pure cadmium sulfide CdS and has a golden yellow color. Up to a third of the cadmium can be replaced by zinc. The pigment is insoluble in water and alkaline solutions, sparingly soluble in dilute mineral acids and decomposes to form hydrogen sulfide in strong mineral acids. Bismuth yellow offers a good alternative to cadmium yellow with comparable opacity, color strength and stability.

Cadmium green is a mixture of cadmium yellow and phthalocyanine blue. Like all cadmium pigments, these green mixtures are characterized by their excellent fastness and opacity.

You can find a list of all cadmium pigments here


Artist Product of the Year 2020!

The Kremer Pigmente sets for the production of watercolor and oil paint won the First Prize in category, "Artist Product of the Year 2020", at creativeworld in Frankfurt -- the leading international fair for the creative market.

The sets distinguish themselves by their plain packaging and high-quality contents. The self-made color is suitable for immediate use or storage in pans/tubes.

#14304 Paint Making Set Watercolor
#14306 Paint Making Seit Oil


New Gilding Workshops

Modern Gilding
on Friday, June 26th, 2020
The workshop covers the individual steps of Instacoll high-gloss gold plating. The participants also learn about reverse-glass gilding in gloss and matt as well as other modern gilding techniques on various surfaces.
Workshop fee: 250 € (including all materials and catering)

Historical Poliment Gilding
on Saturday, June 27th, 2020
The workshop teaches elementary skills on historic poliment gilding including the preparation of chalk ground and the single work steps of poliment gilding. Professional gilder, Dietmar Feldmann (Master Craftsman), shows a detailed practical  overview on poliment gold plating using many well-prepared materials.
Workshop fee: 300 € (including all materials and catering)

The two workshops are held in German language.
All workshop details can be found here.
Registration by email to info@kremer-pigmente.com.
Participants of both workshops will receive a discount of € 35.


RGB Spinning Dise

Cardboard spinning dise with the RGB colors for optical mixtures.
Follow the weblink for an application video:

- Sorry, not available at Kremer Pigments Inc. - 


Universal Adapter Brush with pure white goat hair

Suitable for all common vacuum cleaners of 32/34 mm diameter.

Extra soft vacuum cleaner brush! Particularly suitable for museums and restoration.

Available with order number #8649545


Kremer Pigmente at international fairs


05. - 07. March 2020
in Salzburg, Austria


13. March 2020
in Karlsruhe, Germany


26. - 28. April 2020
in Chicago, USA

The International Art Materials Association.