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Newsletter 04-2020

Current situation at
Kremer Pigmente

At the companys headquarter in Aichstetten we continue to work and ensure the availability of the products for shipping. You can reach us as usual during normal business hours. Our shop in Aichstetten has reopened since April 20th.

Our store in Munich will also reopen on April 27th. Please note the following access regulations.

We wish the best health to all of our clients and partners!


Green Earths

The natural occurrences of Green Earths are rather small to very small.  Mining is usually very difficult and many deposits are exhausted today.  Therefore, Green Earths are only extracted for artistic purposes and for restoration.

Green Earths are with divalent iron green colored,  highly lightfast Iron-(II)-Silicates. Crystalline green iron silicates contain very little swellable components and are suitable for all binders (including water glass, acrylic, tempera and oil):

Epidote is often found in pistachio green, beautiful crystals. The calcium iron/aluminium silicate of complex composition is quite frequent. The largest occurrences in Europe are in Piedmont, in Austria and Russia, also on Elba and in Tuscany. This yellowish green pistachio colored pigment might well be the dominating pigment in many yellowish greenmeadows of the early gothic.

Green Jasper
The amorphous quartz with very high toughness colored by iron (II) green is called Green Jasper. Green Jasper can always be assumed if grass-green, brilliantly transparent particles are found in old layers of paint. The most beautiful grass-green pigments can be made from Green Jasper. The pigment is widespread in small deposits. Particularly pure green quartz deposits are found today in Madagascar and in Brazil.

Green Quarz
The deep green transparent quartz stones come from Madagascar. The very hard stones result in a relatively transparent green pigment after grinding. Green Quartz is particularly suitable for frescoes, wall paintings and the coloring of mortars.

Opal Green
Opal Green is found in a desert in the Western USA. Deriving from an Iron (ll) compound, the pigments green color is very intense since the shiny, slightly light-breaking raw material is of pure quality. One can describe opalite as a silicate compound which could possibly transform to opal after many million years. Opal Green belongs to the chemical group of glauconites. The stones are ground to a powder finer than 63 µ.

The Green Porphyry from the sea-alps in France resulted from volcanic processes. Mineralogically the Green Porphyry stands between porphyry and celadonite sandstone.

New Palettes

Your favourite colors on the go. The palette is a travel-sized watercolorists companion built to carry and mix your favourite colors in one tiny kit. This three-inch, 6 mm deep porcelain kit comes in a 19 or 37 well versions and it has a twin seven-segment mixing well. The set fits perfectly in an etchr branded tin container. With the palette, paints stay moist longer, colors are vibrant and true, mixing of paints is effortless, and cleaning up is a cakewalk. This kit weights just 6 ounces and can be taken anywhere. Perfect for in-studio and on-the-go art-making.

883372 Porcelain Mini Palette Etchr, 19 well

883373 Porcelain Mini Palette Etchr, 37 well


Caput Mortuum, violet

Caput Mortuum can be divided into two groups: natural and synthetic Caput Mortuum. In terms of color, there are no decisive differences that indicate the origin.

The natural pigments often have a very hard to sandy character, which may well be desirable for wall techniques.

Chemically Caput Mortuum is particularly pure ferric oxide (Fe2O3). It was acquired very early by the alchemists.

All Caput Mortuum varieties are indefinitely durable and suitable for all painting techniques. The violet-tinged character of these pigments is particularly evident in white blends and astonishingly, a beautiful violet can be mixed with the addition of ultramarine or cobalt blue! The effect is even more interesting if, for example, a thin blue glaze is added on top of a tempera layer.

#48750 Carput Mortuum, violet

(Available in 100 g, 1 kg, 10 kg, 12,5 kg and 25 kg)


Recipe: Matte Ultramarine Blue

In order to create ultramarine blue surfaces of similar color purity as Yves Klein, we have made several tests to achieve a matt finish. We tested different varieties of ultramarine blue.

With our Ultramarine Blue, very dark (#45000), and our Ultramarine Blue, dark (#45010), we were able to achieve a comparable color purity and a similarly matt finish.


40 g Tylose® MH 1000 P2 (#63610)
1 liter boiled, cold water
Acrylic Dispersion K 9 (#75367)
Ultramarine Blue pigment (#45000 or #45010)


Dissolve 40 grams of Tylose® in 1 liter of cold, boiled water, stirring all the time. Keep stirring until the glue is well dispersed in the water, so that it does not float, and no lumps remain. Let the mixture sit overnight to swell. Mix the glue solution with the acrylic Dispersion K 9 with a mixing ratio of 1:1.

Soak 40 grams of Ultramarine Blue, very dark, or Ultramarine Blue, dark, with 30 grams of water and add 20 grams of the binding mixture. With both pigments, this method will result in surfaces with high abrasion resistance and a matt finish.

Apply the paint in a thin and evenly spread layer. Every additional coat will intensifiy the matt finish, but reduce the abrasion resistance of the painted surface. After the fourth or fifth coat, the surface will show no scrub resistance anymore.


Vacuum Cleaner Mini Accessory Kit

Ideal for cleaning delicate objects and almost all inaccessible places.
Possible areas of application:
- Paintings, picture frames
- Miniatures, model building (aircraft, railways)
- Server, computer, printer, keyboard
- Office machines, sewing machines

Content: hose (93 cm, Ø 1.4 cm), hose connector, adapter (32/35 mm), round suction brush (1.5 cm), flat suction brush (3 cm), straight crevice nozzle (13 cm), curved crevice nozzle (13 cm), flat crevice nozzle (8 cm).

#8649512 Vacuum Cleaner Mini Accessory Kit, 10 pieces
Additionally equipped with a brush from extra soft goat hair and soft horse hair white.

#8649513 Vacuum Cleaner Mini Accessory Kit, 8 pieces


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