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Kremer Pigmente take part on many international meetings and trade fairs for art, culture and conservation.

Dates 2019 / 2020


Urban Sketchers Symposium

24. - 27. July 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The International Urban Sketching Symposium is an annual educational event organized by Urban Sketchers (USk), a nonprofit dedicated to fostering the practice of on-location observational sketching. The goal of the Symposium is to celebrate and practice the art of on-location sketching in the host city. The event offers valuable field-sketching instruction and opportunities for participants to network and socialize. Following our spirit of “sharing the world, one drawing at a time,” we aim to bring the Symposium to new cities and countries every year.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


Urban Sketchers Symposium

30. August 2019, Augsburg, Germany

Annual educational event organized by Urban Sketchers (USk).


Salone dell'Arte del Restauro

18. - 20. September 2019, Ferrara, Italy

Restoration, Museums and Cultural Business Trade Show, the most important international event dealing with Economy, Conservation, Industry, Technology, Promotion of Cultural and Environmental Heritage.

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27. - 29. September 2019, Cremona, Italy

International fair for handmade musical instruments.

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Patrimoine culturel

24. - 27. October 2019, Paris, France

International heritage fair.

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05. - 07. March 2020, Salzburg, Austria

International trade fair for Cultural Heritage and Preservation of Monuments.

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05. - 07. November 2020, Leipzig, Germany

Europe's Leading Trade Fair For Conservation, Restoration And Old Building Renovation.

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