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Casein: Ammonia-Casein according to Doerner

Author / Source: Doerner


40 g casein (#63200) is first mixed with very little cold water, and then 250 ml moderately warm water is added .

In the meantime 10 g ammonium carbonate (#64021) is dissolved in a few drops of water, and after all the lumps have been pressed out, the solution is poured into the casein. Promptly there is effervescence; the carbonic acid escapes. After a little stiring, as soon as there is no longer any foam, the casein solution is ready. Ammonia casein is easily kept undiluted in a clean, well-corked bottle. Water may be added immediately before use. For wall purposes, fill up to 1 liter with water.

Ammonia-casein is not very stable when prepared with ammonium carbonate, even when preserved it can turn very thin relatively quickly. Advantage: Its solvent is perfectly harmless and it evaporates completely. The same is not true of soda and borax solutions.


  • 40  g 63200 Casein
  • 10  g 64021 Ammonium Carbonate
  • 250  ml Water

We definitely recommend tests prior to the final application, we cannot guarantee for any instructions given.