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Casein: Casein Color white

also for outside


450 g Chalk of Champagne (#58000), 123 g Titanium White (#46200), 123 g Zinc White (#46300), 168 g China Clay (#58250), 23 g Dextrin (#63420), 112 g Casein (#63200) = approx. 1 kg dry mixture + disperse in approx. 830 ml water and let soak for about 5 hours.

Mix thoroughly and then mix with about 200 ml of a homogenous pit lime (#31800) .

Should cracks, flaking or peeling effects occur, it is an indication for too much color. The amount of casein has to be reduced. Chalking effects is an indication for not sufficiently bound color or not well dispersed pigments: increase the amount of casein or the pigments have to be ground better. This casein color is also suitable for exterior painting. The pigments used have to be fast to lime.


Use protective goggles when painting! The paint should be used soon since it starts to smell within a few days (according to weather). The paint can be preserved with Preventol (concentration see our Catalogue). Another suitable preservation agent is zinc sulfide ( # 46350): add 0.35 parts of the total dry mixture and mix well with the dry components.


  • 450  g 58000 Chalk from Champagne
  • 123  g 46200 Titanium White Rutile
  • 123  g 46300 Zinc White
  • 168  g 58250 Kaolin, yellowish
  • 23  g 63420 Dextrine, pure
  • 112  g 63200 Casein
  • 200  ml 31800 Pit Lime
  • 830  ml Water

We definitely recommend tests prior to the final application, we cannot guarantee for any instructions given.