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Casein: Dry casein color mixed with lime

Source: Brühl

Author / Source: Brühl


Mix thoroughly 5.5 parts of Chalk of Champagne (#58000), 1.5 parts of China Clay (#58200) or Kaolin (#58250), 0.2 parts of Dextrin (#63420) and 1.2 parts of Casein (#63200) .

Disperse 1 kg of this mixture into 830 ml of water, let soak for approx. 5 hours or even best over night .

Mix well together and add about 200 g of Pit Lime (#31800) - mix thoroughly before adding for a homogenous consistency, i.e. no clumps. Let rest for 1 - 2 hours .

The Chalk of Champagne can be partially or completely substituted by other pigments. It should, however, be taken into consideration that the quality of the color can be influenced by the special properties of the pigments. It should therefore always be recommended to carry out preliminary tests.


Lime casein is not water soluble when dried.


  • 5,5  part(s) 58000 Chalk from Champagne
  • 1,5  part(s) 58200 China Clay
  •   Alternate

    Kaolin, yellowish
  • 0,2  part(s) 63420 Dextrine, pure
  • 1,2  part(s) 63200 Casein
  • 200  g 31800 Pit Lime
  • 830  ml Water

We definitely recommend tests prior to the final application, we cannot guarantee for any instructions given.