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Cooking for Falun Red

Author / Source: Fa. Kremer - 2004 / 2011


First, put the water in a big enough pot, then stir the ferrous sulfate (#64200) and bring to a boil. Mix the wheat or rye flour with cold water until it becomes a lump-free, runny pulp.

Slowly mix the flour pulp into the boiling water and simmer gently for 5 minutes, continuously stirring. Bit by bit, stir the pigment (originally Caput Mortuum reddish) into the mixture and simmer gently for another 15 minutes, continuously stirring.

Take the pot off the stove and work the linseed oil (#73020) into the mixture. Slowly add the oil in a long, thin trickle, strongly stirring all the time to avoid the formation of an oily film.

The calculated spreading rate is about 100-150 ml/m² per coat.


Adding 6% Zinc Sulphide (#46350) will enhance the protection in exterior areas.


  • 18  % 48700 Caput Mortuum reddish
  •   Alternate

    Caput Mortuum dark
  •   48750 Caput Mortuum violet
  •   48220 Caput Mortuum Synthetic 180 M
  • 2  % 64200 Iron (II) Sulphate
  • 8  % 73054 Linseed Oil, cold-pressed
  • 67  % Water
  • 5  % Rye 1150

We definitely recommend tests prior to the final application, we cannot guarantee for any instructions given.