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Dyeing with Grinded Apple Tree

Author / Source: Kremer


Take 400 % of Grinded Apple Tree (#38530) for dyeing. The wood chips have to be soaked in rainwater or demineralized water for three days, but at least overnight.

The fibre or fabric needs to be mordanted, for example with 25& Potash Alum (#64100) and 6% Calcined Soda (#64062). The percentage value refers to the dry weight of the fibre or fabric to be dyed.

Alum and Soda are dissolved in cold water. Add the wet fiber into the solution and stir well while bringing to the boil. Boil for one hour, then leave to cool overnight. The next day squeeze out the fibre and rinse just before immersing the fibre into the dyebath.

For preparation of the dyebath the soaked Grinded Apple Tree has to be warmed up to 40°C for one hour. Then remove the wood shavings and immerse the prepared fibre.
The dyebath should contain enough water to cover the fibre completely. Now slowly bring the dye bath to the boil and allow to simmer for one hour. The fibre should be turned continually.


The percentages are for the amount of ingredient to be used and are based on the dry weight of the fibre to be dyed.

Variations: If the colour is not intense enough, the fiber can be aftertreated. Add the following
2% Iron-II-Sulphate (#64200) for olive-green to greyish-green shades
2% Copper-II-Sulphate-5-Hydrate (#64211) for brownish-yellow or ochre colours
2% Tin-II-chloride-Dihydrate (#64300) for golden-yellow colours
to the dyebath and let it simmer for another 10 minutes.

When the dyebath has cooled down, remove the fibre and rinse well. Then wash the fibre with soapy water and rinse again to remove the soap.


  • 400  % 38530 Apple tree, grinded
  • 25  % 64100 Potash Alum
  • 6  % 64062 Calcined Soda
  •   65000 Water
  • 2  % 64200 Iron (II) Sulphate
  • 2  % Alternate

  • 2  % 64300 Tin (II)-chloride-Dihydrate

We definitely recommend tests prior to the final application, we cannot guarantee for any instructions given.