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How to fill oil paint into tubes

The filling of oil paint tubes is simple, but requires some practice. Before it can be filled into a tube, the oil paint has to be ground into a thick paste with a consistency similar to toothpaste.


Take off the cap of the tube and open it.

Put the oil paint onto a piece of paper (wax paper, silicone paper).

Roll it up like a self-made cigarette. The paper roll should be small enough to fit into the back of the tube.

Push the paper with the oil paint into the tube and lay it onto a board.

Use a short round wooden stick, about the diameter of a broom stick and about 15 cm long, and roll it on the paper from behind, so the oil paint is pressed into the tube.

Close the cap and flatten the end of the tube with the wooden stick.

Pull the paper carefully out of the tube. Flatten the end of the tube again, fold the metal (with help of a palette knife or spatula) to close the tube.
Squeeze the folded metal firmly with a pair of pliers.


  • 1   963600 Aluminum Tubes, approx. 8 ml
  • 1   Alternate

    Aluminum Tubes, approx. 50 ml
  • 1   piece of paper
  • 1   round piece of wood
  • 1   885705 Painter´s Spatula exclusive, small
  • 1   Alternate

    Palette Knife

We definitely recommend tests prior to the final application, we cannot guarantee for any instructions given.