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In order to create real rust on different kinds of surfaces, such as panels, canvas, and even the masonry of walls, you can use iron powder. The most suitable binders for metal powders are watery binders, such as acrylic dispersion.


On smooth, absorbent surfaces, we recommend using a primer, such as Primal WS 24 (#75250) or Primer for Grassello and Marmorino (#31942).

On horizontal surfaces, spread or roll out the pure Acrylic Dispersion (e. g. #76000 or #75367). Then sprinkle the iron powder onto the sticky surface using the fine sieve. When it is dry, shake off or speep off excess powder.

Iron Filings (#54600) and Steel Powder (#54650) also rust, but they rust slower than Cast-Iron or Iron Powder. These powders are very fine. Therefore, they should be mixed with acrylic dispersion prior to application, using a paint brush or roller.

In order to make a trowel textured mixture, you can thicken the acrylic dispersion with the Thickener K 15. Adding cellulose glue K 1000 helps the rusting process because it holds moisture. Then, you mix it with Iron Powder (#54660) until it becomes a trowel textured paste. You can further change the color of the rust layer by adding Iron Oxide Pigments (#48700).

The surface must be kept moist until rust is formed. You can speed up the process by spraying the surface with a solution made up of 20 grams of common salt and 1 tablespoon of vinegar in 1 liter of water.


Warning: When handling or storing metal powders, special safety precautions should be taken: Wear respiratory, eye and clothing protection and use gloves!


  •   75250 Primal® WS 24
  •   Alternate

    Primer for Grassello and Marmorino
  •   76000 Dispersion K 498
  •   Alternate

    Dispersion K 9
  •   54610 Cast-Iron Powder
  •   Alternate

    Iron Powder

We definitely recommend tests prior to the final application, we cannot guarantee for any instructions given.