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Silicate-Dispersion-Paint with Syton X 30

This binding medium is very suitable for ceramic surfaces, indoor and outdoor concrete. Do not use in wet areas .


Mix the binding media and stir them well .

Use only pigments which are stable in potassium silicate. Add the pigments in small portions to the binding medium solution, stir well, until you get a smooth paint with a viscosity like coffee cream. If the paint gets too thick, thin it with the binding medium.

Make sure to test the paint prior to applying the paint. In case the paint is chalking, add more binding medium .


Minimum film forming temperature: 5°C. Estimated consumption: approx. 120 ml / m²


  • 1  part(s) 31430 Syton® X 30
  •   Alternate

    Lithium Waterglass
  • 1  part(s) 75367 Dispersion K 9
  • 1  part(s) 65000 Water
  •   Pigment

We definitely recommend tests prior to the final application, we cannot guarantee for any instructions given.