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Wall Paint: Color Washes on Interior Walls

Suitable for following substrates: paper, woodchip wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, glass fiber fabric, gypsum cardboard, gypsum plaster, lime plaster, lime-cement plaster, cement plaster, synthetic resin plaster, dispersion paints. The substrate must be dry and free of contaminations .


Solve 100 g Klucel E (63700) in 10 liter cold water. Stir as long (about 5 minutes) until the Klucel E no longer floats and let soak overnight.
After soaking add 2 liter Acrylic Disperison K 9 (#75367) and stir well .

Add 50 - 250 g earth pigment according to the desired color intensity. Apply with a flat, wide brush or sponge .

Covers approx. 200 m2, singular coating .


  • 100  g 63700 Klucel® E
  • 2  l 75367 Dispersion K 9
  • 10  l Water - cold!
  • 50-250  g Earth Color
  •   Wide brush
  •   Alternate Sponge
  •   Paint roller

We definitely recommend tests prior to the final application, we cannot guarantee for any instructions given.