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Watercolor Medium

Recommended use for #79260 Kremer Watercolor Medium


Mix several drops of Kremer Watercolor Medium (#79260), some water and 1 - 3 teaspoons pigment .

If the pigment shows wetting problems, a dd a few drops of Ethyl Alcohol (#70800) or Oxgall (#78087) to improve the flowability .

Grind the ingredients with the muller or mortar and pestle to a homogeneous paste . Test the paint on a piece of paper: if the paint shows chalking, add more watercolour medium, if the paint stays tacky after drying, add more pigment.

Fill the watercolor into the pans in thin layers. Wait until the layer is dry before adding the next layer. That way you can prevent cracking of the paint.


Following pigments are easy to process: Cadmium-, cobalt and ultramarine pigments, iron oxides and earth colors .


  •  a few drops 79260 Kremer Watercolor Medium
  •  a few drops 78087 Ox Gall
  •  a few drops Alternate

    Ethyl Alcohol
  •  as needed 65000 Water
  • 1-3  teaspoon Pigment
  •   Muller

We definitely recommend tests prior to the final application, we cannot guarantee for any instructions given.