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Terms of Service

The Kremer Pigments Inc. Name
The Kremer Pigments Inc. name brand and the Kremer Pigments Inc. logo are trademarks of Kremer Pigments Inc. and may not be used without permission.

Privacy Policy
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Online Catalog
The online catalog is provided for the benefit of Kremer Pigments Inc.'s customers. The published text and html scripting may not be reproduced, reused, or republished, without the permission of Kremer Pigments Inc.. All items listed are subject to availability and prices may change at any time without notice. Price changes are usually minor; however, if there is a considerable difference between the listed price and the actual price, Kremer Pigments Inc. will contact the customer before an order is finalized.

Ordering Information
The following information is also provided while ordering. When shopping online, customers who provide all of the required ordering information can choose from the following options: 1.To submit the order form directly through the Web, to be sent as e-mail to Kremer Pigments Inc.. 2. To print out the completed order form and either fax, mail, or phone in the information directly to Kremer Pigments Inc..

Please refer to the ordering page in the online catalog for further information. All orders may be placed verbally, by phone or they may be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to Kremer Pigments Inc.. Unless Purchase Order Numbers have been pre-approved, payment is expected to be accompanied by all orders.

Prices are listed in US dollars without shipping charges and sales tax. Sales Tax is not applicable to shipments going outside of New York City. Sales Tax will be charged on orders that are shipped from the same state as the shipping address of the order. New York City Sales Tax is 8.875%. For international customers, local customs duties will be charged by your local authorities.

Prices and availability of products are subject to change without prior notice. Due to differing updating schedules, prices published on the Kremer Pigments Inc. Web-Site (http://www.kremerpigments.com) may differ from prices listed in the printed catalogue. Kremer Pigments Inc. will always apply current pricing and will not be responsible for pricing discrepancies between printed and online publications.

Payment Methods
For mail order we accept the following: Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), direct debit (in $US, drawn on a US account).

Special Orders
Special orders may be placed for quantities of Kremer Pigments Inc. products not regularly stocked or items available through the Kremer Pigments Inc. vendor network. Depending on item special ordered, a 50%-100% deposit may be required. Due to the fact that most Kremer Pigments Inc. Products are imported from Europe, Kremer Pigments Inc. can only approximate an arrival date on ordered items. Kremer Pigments Inc. can not guarantee or be held accountable for arrival dates on Special Order Items.

Shipping and Returns
Please see Shipping and Returns

If you need the status of your order, shipping cost, tracking number, or any other details of your order please call us or email us so we can help you with any questions regarding your order as soon as possible.